Ending ‘Stop and Frisk” in New York City

Two advocates with the NAACP have an op-ed in Huffington Post today encouraging people to support the organization’s efforts alongside the National Action Network to end New York City’s policy of “stop and frisk”, which disproportionately affects Black and Latino men.

If the stated goal of this blatantly racist policy is to ‘deter crime,’ hasn’t the NYPD failed miserably and confirmed that continuing ‘stop & frisk’ is nothing but a waste of tax dollars and an insult to people of color?

It criminalizes our youth, creates further distrust between the community and police, and doesn’t do a thing to keep us safer. It used to be that we feared driving while Black; well in New York and around the nation, we now fear simply walking down the street while Black or Latino.

The injustice of ‘stop & frisk’ policies and their effect on racial minorities isn’t something that the two of us observe from a distance; it’s a reality that we cope with on a very personal level.

Read the whole thing and then learn more about the June 17th march here.

UPDATE 2:12 pm: New York City Mayor Bloomberg announced today that he’d back Governor Cuomo’s proposal to limit the number of people who could be arrested for marijuana possession as a result of police stops, saying that he’d like to work with the New York legislature to pass a bill by the end of the session in 3 weeks.

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