Small Businesses Support a Minimum Wage Increase, Poll Finds

By Patrick McNeil, Communications Assistant

Entrepreneurs support a federal increase in the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour, an opinion poll conducted last month by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research on behalf of Small Business Majority reveals.

The full report released yesterday shows that 57 percent of small business owners in general support a federal increase, and 61 percent of owners in the retail/restaurant industries support a federal increase. In addition, 82 percent said they already pay their employees more than the federal minimum wage, noting that full-time workers should earn more than just $15,080 per  year – which is what they make at the current minimum wage.

“It’s simple: when workers earn higher wages, they spend their extra dollars in their local stores and communities. As demonstrated by the Small Business Majority’s report today, small business owners  support an increase in the minimum wage because it means more business for their stores and restaurants,” said Sen. Tom Harkin,  D. Iowa, and Rep. George Miller, D. Calif., who are the lead sponsors of legislation to raise the federal minimum raise. “No one who works full time should have to raise their family in poverty. A raise in the minimum wage is a pro-growth policy that is good for workers, good for businesses, and good for the economy.”

To hear a recording of yesterday’s teleconference to release the polling, please click here.

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